Intern Architect, IA AIBC, M.Arch, B.Mus (perf)

Combining a master’s degree in architecture with a bachelor’s degree in music, Audrey brings rhythm and harmony to the Shift collective.

Audrey’s mind is attuned to seeing both an overarching vision, and the intricate underlying patterns that can bring that vision to life. With a heart for people, Audrey brings meaning, thought, and clarity both to the big picture and to the fine-grained details.

A critical thinker, passionate researcher, and persuasive writer, Audrey has co-authored articles in Intelligent Buildings International, and has contributed to the pioneering publication Living Roofs in Integrated Urban Water Systems.

Audrey is committed to designing communities of enduring beauty and functionality, environments that allow people to feel proud, positive and connected to their spaces. And as Intern working towards her Architect’s designation, Audrey provides valuable insights and contributions throughout the design and building process—including concept design, design development, contract documentation, and contract administration.