Cam Halkier 

Principal, Architect AIBc

After 25 years of rounded and respected experience, Cam still loves being an architect—and he surrounds himself with people who feel the same way. He has built a team dedicated to meaningful, detail-oriented design that honors the unique intricacies of each project. In a workplace filled with open, vibrant collaboration, the people of Shift thrive on finding creative and adaptive solutions to complex challenges.

Cam views architecture as both a social and artistic endeavor. With a background that includes a Fine Arts degree in Industrial Design, his work is architecturally well considered and well detailed. Cam is committed to ensuring each project meets the client’s goals and financial considerations, fulfills the needs and desires of the end user, and respects the unique characteristics of the site and surrounding urban fabric. When these elements are fully considered and woven into the architecture of a building, the result is a great project- and buildings with lasting aesthetic vision.