The Art of Work

Shift sees itself not as an office, but as a studio. We accomplish an incredible amount of work—in fact, we’d argue we’re more efficient and productive than most offices. But we refer to ourselves as a collective, because virtually everything we do involves collaboration.

Our team brings together a diverse group of professionals each contributing a unique perspective and an individual set of strengths. We strive to flatten the traditional pyramidal structure of the workplace, instead allowing all team members to take ownership of every project. We give everyone the creative space to make their own positive contributions, and to share credit for the result.

Thinking of joining the Shift team? Here’s what to expect:

  • You will become a valued member of our team
  • We will listen to your ideas.
  • We will respect you and your knowledge.
  • We will seek to develop your skills
  • We will seek ways to improve our collective work experience.